B & B Solutions Facilities Support

Department of Agriculture
Materiel Management Service Center (MMSC) Support Services
B & B staff provide support to current MMSC warehouse personnel. This support includes receiving, storing, tracking, managing, and delivering items. Further, our staff is responsible for the assembly and disassembly of furniture, as needed.

As part of our overall services, our personnel pick up and transport declared excess property and ensure that the property is retained or stored and, if needed, rehabilitated. We check items against receiving documents for accuracy and place all items in their appropriate location, as communicated by USDA personnel. Our support may include light refinishing and repairs, as well as the preparation of items for shipping. We also maintain a truck driver that conducts deliveries to USDA locations covered as part of this contract

US Air Force
US Coast Guard

DC Department of General Services

Comprehensive Hazardous Materials (“HAZMAT”) Environmental Cleaning Services related to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Coronavirus-19 Pandemic
Servicing between four (4) and six (6) locations, including fire departments and other facilities utilized by first responders. Cleaning for these facilities is provided on a regular basis and based on schedules set by DC government personnel and coordinated through our office, ensuring coverage of all facilities and adequate support for cleaning and janitorial services.

Newly added sites or changes to existing service needs are coordinated through our corporate office and executed by senior corporate personnel working with our cleaning teams at the various facilities to ensure that all support needs are fully communicated and support is delivered in a manner consistent with DC government needs.

Materials Management
B & B provides a selection of ceiling and flooring supplies to the DC Department of General Services on an as needed basis. Materials are procured through our network of vendors and either stored in our warehouse for future orders or directly provided to DC government in a response to a specific request. Quantities and specific types of materials are defined in each order and delivered by our personnel using B & B vehicles and supplies.