B & B Solutions Administrative Support

Executive Assistant Support
Our staff for this role provides a host of relevant administrative services. These include receiving, cataloging, filing, tracking, and managing correspondence and relevant documents for the Regional Commissioner’s office, as well as the development of a detailed calendar for these personnel and the development of documents and correspondence necessary in the provision of the office’s day-to-day support.

Programmatic Analysis Support
B & B staff provide a host of programmatic analysis support to the GSA’s Office of Portfolio Management, Real Estate Division. This support includes assisting in identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and preparing recommended resolutions for issues or problems of a procedural or factual nature.

To provide this support, our staff applies quantitative analytical techniques to conduct interviews to obtain information regarding organizational missions, milestones, and work procedures. Based on our work, our staff is able to craft specific improvements and recommendations leading to increased work effectiveness and a more efficient organization and utilization of manpower. Our recommendations have included modified or new processes and procedures, organizational structure changes, and suggestions on how to better distribute work assignments, delegate authority, control manpower, and manage information and documentation.

Department of Transportation
Human Capital Support: As part of this contract, B & B provides multiple expert staff members to advise and analyze recruitment, staffing, position classification, and position management activities. Our support also extends into workforce planning, organizational development strategy, recruitment and outreach strategy, and Federal managerial development strategy.

Department of Agriculture
Legal & Investigation Management Support: B & B staff provide ROI Case Tracking and Monitoring and Review and Support Services for EEO investigations conducted at the United States Department of Agriculture. This includes overseeing the investigation process through the creation of electronic case files that document all relevant information. We also monitor the development of the investigation and add information to the case file from the external investigative process. Our staff monitor each investigation and update the tracking system, including managing the relevant databases that manage this information and ensuring that information is accurate, complete, and timely.

Department of the Army
Photography & Administrative Support: B & B staff perform still photographic services, in studio, and acquire, process, and print photographic products as requested in approved work orders in accordance with guidance received from the Army, the Department of Defense and other Government Agencies. This includes guidelines laid out in AR 640-30 and DA PAM 25-91. Our support includes originating, acquiring, captioning, processing, filing, disposing, editing, labeling, enlarging, printing, and reproducing images digitally. Finished photographic products are delivered by our staff at quality levels matching the Standard Quality Samples identified in the solicitation.

US Coast Guard
Housing Coordinator

OSHA Training USDA